The best food and wine producers and suppliers are selected by our Executive and Master Committee to be part of the "Epicure Excellence Selection". To become Affiliated the producer or supplier has to pass the EPA-Epicure Quality Assesment. 

Epicure Excellence Selection

As already, explained Epicure Excellence Selection is an online catalogue where the exclusive features of the selected products are reported in order to be consulted online and where is possible to order through a sophisticated support exclusively offered by our Club

Selection Process

The selection of the producers is carried out, after a favorable opinion of the Executive Committee, identifying a number of excellent producers, located all over the world. To be selected a producer must be representative of the best available on the market, for the different product sectors of the food industry.

Produce Choice

Which manufacturers and products meet these criteria is decided by the Technical Committee. All candidates are selected through a formal evaluation process that includes tastings and producer identification across various geographic areas. Each producer can be selected for up to 3 product lines (eg wine, olive oil, olives).

Excellence Selection

Once the initial selection is over, the selected products are placed on the exclusive “Epicure Excellence Selection”, which can be consulted online by our Members and where the exclusive features of the product are reported for each product. In this way, the selected  products, thanks to a sophisticated service managed directly by the Club , ordered at special prices for our members.