an exclusive organization for very refined foodies and gourmets and high-end networkers

The main objective of the Club is to give its members the opportunity to know and experience the best of the current wine and food world. All this in an aura of prestige, sophistication and oenological, gastronomic and cultural exclusivity and, at the same time, amiability and cordiality. 

Another important goal is to connect the Club members directly to food lovers and experts, and top food and wine producers and operators, wherever they are, to give to each member a chance to read up, converse, test, taste, and be able to order, directly through the Club Partners, the best niche food and wine excellencies whether they are in the UK, Italy, Spain, France or anywhere else in the world.

Last but not least the Club wants help to create quality social and business interactions thanks to its exclusive formula of Referral Tasting. The passion for good food and wine unites many people. Today, food is something that is consumed anywhere and at any time. Food is a form of culture and, above all, an opportunity for meeting and relational exchange. However, creating a network of relationships is anything but simple. With our unique formula our members have the opportunity to verify that the encounter between food, wine, dining, and networking can be a great and profitable way to create great relationships and referrals, and all this moreover in a very enjoyable context. 


Club Epicure offers to all its members, associates and affiliates a unique experience. 

Any event organised or promoted by Club Epicure is something unique and most important any event is always led by an Epicure Expert (whether it is a Mentor, a Master, or an Ambassador). In this way, our members will be always accompanied in their journey of discovery, sensory experience and referral tasting.

We are a team of food & wine lovers and F&B experts interested to share with our members unique food, wine, and spirits experiences and most important promoting the best food & beverage producers, the best restaurants, wine bars, deli, hotels, and the different producing regions of the world.

Club Epicure International organises and promotes Activities and Events normally reserved only for its Members. 

If you are a food and wine lover you can ask to be invited by one of our members to attend just one activity/event as a Paying Guest. This will give you the opportunity to taste our Club, with the hope you can become interested to become a member.

For information about how to become click on the Join Page or send an email to

Club Epicure International is based in London, UK. 


These are the members of our Executive Committee

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